Lemko Organizations in the United States

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) Founded in 1940, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), is the largest non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that represents the interests of Ukrainian-Americans. UCCA is an umbrella organization uniting some 20 organizations and over 70 branches nationwide. The UCCA national headquarters is located in New York City and its public relations office, the Ukrainian National Information Service (UNIS) is situated in Washington, D.C. Its membership is broad based, including corporation heads, academics, professionals and retirees. UCCA's member organizations are listed HERE and below are two organizations under the UCCA umbrella that are Lemko-specific.

  • Lemko Research Foundation (LRF): "Founded in 1977 and incorporated as a non-profit research organization in 1981, The Lemko Research Foundation, Inc. (LRF) promotes the study and research of the history, literature, culture, art and traditions of the people of the Ukrainian Lemko origin...we foster relations and cooperate with research and academic institutions involved in the study of Ukrainian Lemko issues, exchanging information and findings. We provide assistance to students directly involved in Ukrainian Lemko studies. We disseminate information to the public concerning Ukrainian Lemko history, literature, culture and art, and sponsor the publication of bulletins, magazines, books and papers."

The Lemko Association: Founded in 1929 and currently based in Higganum, Connecticut, The Lemko Association is Rusyn-oriented and it was previously a Carpatho-Russian organization.  The Association describes itself as  " independent, non-governmental educational and social organization. The Association is non-political, non-partisan, and non-profit. The purpose of the Association is to unite immigrants from the Lemko region of the Carpathian Rus’ area of Central Europe, and their descendants wherever they may live, for the purpose of preserving their 1500-year-old history, culture, customs, and traditions. The Lemko Association also works to advance Lemko culture in the twenty-first century."  The Lemko Association publishes a quarterly journal called Karpats'ka Rus' which is available to its membership.  The journal features scholarly articles, cultural and literary pieces, relevant news and other content relevant to ethnic Lemkos.

Recommended Facebook Forums

The Lemko Project on Facebook.  The Lemko Project Facebook page is our main online public outreach platform for providing information about Lemko history and culture to an English-language audience.  Here we interact with ethnic Lemkos and post relevant information such as news, historical information, literature, culture and events.  In addition to informing our research efforts, our online engagement has assisted some members in their genealogy research and helped individuals to locate relevant information and even, in some cases, connect with relatives.

Lemko Connections – English.  Organized and moderated by administrators located in Canada, the U.S. and Ukraine, Lemko Connections (TM) forums provide a way for ethnic Lemkos to interact online, engage in discussions, and exchange information.  There are also companion forums for Lemko and Polish speakers:

Lemkynia Arts.  Created by Lemko Museum director Lena Howansky, Lemkynia Arts is a forum for "...female-oriented artwork and Lemkynia artists."

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