"Claudia's Cookbook" - Fantastic blog by a Canadian-Ukrainian woman named Jaime who has posted a large number of traditional recipes that look absolutely scrumptious.  Her mother and baba are the inspiration for her blog.

"Lemko Recipes" from Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base.  Recipes include babka, sauerkraut with mushrooms, baked pumpkin with eggs, Easter cheese, and halushki (cabbage and noodles).

"Learning to Make Baba's Holuptsi: A Story and a Recipe."
by Corinna Caudill for The Lemko Project
February 6, 2012

"Ukrainian Pyrohi/Verenyki" Recipe from

"Immigrant Recipes from my Grandmother." by Gloria Dran Elston, published on her website "Carpathian Highlands."  Featuring recipes for cabbage soup (kapusta), wax bean soup, holupki and kobasa.

"Classic Ukrainian Easter Paska Bread."  Video by Martha Stewart filmed at St. Basil Ukrainian Catholic Seminary in Stamford, CT.

"The Elusive Hrudka."  Easter Cheese Recipe from Slovakia by Allen Stevo.  Published on the blog "52 Weeks in Slovakia."

"Ukrainian Christmas Kutya." Recipe for traditional sweet grain pudding from

"Ukrainian Christmas Bread Kolach." Recipe for traditional Christmas bread from

"Moosewood Cookbook Borscht."  We think this looks like a great recipe for borscht, the traditional beet soup. There is also a printable version available on the "Coffee & Quinoa" blog.

"The Traditional Easter Basket and My Variation on the Theme" Thursday, April 14, 2011. Davids Culinary Page blog.

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