Lemko Tour (Poland).  School teachers Andrzej and Halina Malecki, ethnic Lemkos from the western Lemko region, have been helping English-speaking Lemkos realize their dreams of visiting their ancestral homeland for decades.  They provide custom touring services as well as interpreting and translation.  Email Halina at to find out more about employing their services.

Karpaty Travel (Western Ukraine). Based in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, this translation and touring company is operated by Mr. Yuri Tsibiy, an interpreting and translation professional.  The
company's working languages are Ukrainian, English, German, French, and Italian. Karpaty Travel provides the following services: Translation/Interpretation; Skype-to-Phone English-Ukrainian interpreting (customers can schedule interpreted calls with relatives in Ukraine); holiday travel packages in the Carpathians, transportation services in western Ukraine, Ukrainian music and culture festival tours, Christmas tours in the Carpathians (on the Ukrainian side), genealogy tours, travel consulting and other consulting services. The website also has a companion Karpaty Travel Facebook page. Karpaty Travel is an excellent choice for ethnic Lemkos who do not speak Ukrainian (or Lemko) and wish to connect with or visit relatives in Ukraine. Email Contact

P├ęter's Translations and Language Lessons. This business is focused on teaching and preserving Rusyn language, and also provides high quality interpreting and translation services. This business is a particularly good choice for English-speaking Lemko-Rusyns (who do not speak the native language) who wish to contact non-English speaking relatives in Poland. Peter also operates a Facebook page called Rusyn for Everyone Everywhere.

Disclaimer: Concerning interpreting/translation services, we will only post information about companies and services that we recommend based on our perceptions of skill-level, relevancy and business practices, although we do not officially endorse any service, hold any personal or corporate affiliation, nor do we bear any responsibility or liability for business transactions related to these independent companies.


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