Museums and Ethnographic Parks

Ukrainian Lemko Museum in Stamford, CT.

  • OOL Ukrainian Lemko Museum Webpage. This OOL webpage includes articles by Mykola Duplak (in Ukrainian), Diana Howansky Reilly and Nadia Burmaka, as well as a slideshow entitled "Exhibits from the Lemko Museum."

Relocated Lemko church, Sanok Skansen
Skansen in Sanok, PL (Skansen w Sanoku)

Sądecki Ethnographic Park in Nowy Sacz, PL (in Polish, English and German your preference in the upper left corner of the website.)

Museum of Lemko Culture in Zyndranowa, PL. (Muzeum Kultury Łemkowskiej w Zyndranowej)

Historical and Cultural Centers

Ukrainian Historical and Educational Center of New Jersey.  This museum "...chronicles Ukrainian and Ukrainian-American cultural, religious, and political history. They illuminate Ukrainian folk traditions and rituals. They display the creativity of Ukrainian folk, fine, and decorative artists. Our mission is to tell these stories, so that visitors gain an appreciation of the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian-Americans a better understanding of where they come from."

Restoration Efforts

Minority Association of Carpathian Heritage in Zagorz, PL. [Stowarzyszenie Dziedzictwo Mniejszości Karpackich (SDMK)]. This organization undertakes restoration work in Greek Catholic cemeteries.

Folk Costumes

Ukrainian Folk Costumes
by World Federation of Ukrainian Women's Organizations, Toronto-Philadelphia. 1992.

"Lemko Garments" by Tasia Hontar.  Lemko Heritage. Forum #70, Summer 1987.  Published on Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base.

Folk Songs and Music