Thursday, October 4, 2012

Writing to the Polish Archives: Tips for Genealogists (who don't speak Polish)

You don't speak Polish?  No problem.  Here are a few resources that can show you how to write the letters to Polish archives that will help you obtain family records.

               The Polish Genealogical Society: Even though you're not doing research on Polish genealogy, archives in Poland contain information about Lemkos.  The PGSA has some information on their website that will be useful to you, including forms and templates, so check them out:

               Church of Latter Day Saints Polish Letter Guide:  LDS has published an extremely helpful guide that can serve as your template for writing to the Polish archive centers, and is chock full of templates and tips.  Note that getting information from the Polish archives will take time, but a few months down the line, you might be pleasantly surprised to find a treasure trove of information waiting for you in your mailbox.  Get the guide here:

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