Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crossing the Polish-Ukrainian Border: Our Experience at Medyka (2011)

There is a rumor going around about the long lines at the Polish-Ukrainian border. We wondered about it while planning our recent fieldwork trip (Sept - Oct, 2011), because we had to get from Poland to Ukraine safely and inexpensively with all of our equipment. After much hesitation, we finally decided to brave it in the rental car. As you can see, it looked more like a tailgate party than a traffic line. The best part was when the "party" was interrupted with a sudden, pack-like sense of line movement followed by a mad scramble to dive back into one's car, peel rubber, and cut the line . At first, we were caught off guard, but after Hour #4, we were like NASCAR pros. And yes, in case you're wondering, there are "alternative methods" to fast-tracking it. We did not use them, though (which resulted in more waiting.) At least we still have our American pride (along with some PTSD!)

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