Monday, December 26, 2011

Seeking Information: The Village of Zavadka Morokhivska (Zawadka Morochowska)

Mass graves in Zavadka Morokhivska, Sanok County, PL
Vichnaya Pam'yat
The village of Zavadka Morokhivska (Polish Toponym = Zawadka Morochowska) was destroyed in 1946 by the 34th regiment of the Polish communist army, commanded by Soviet Colonel Stanislaw Pluto. In at least four separate massacres between January and April of that year, the regiment brutally murdered over 100 Ukrainian civilians who resided in this small village (including men, women and children) under the pretense that they were harboring partisan fighters of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA.)  In UPA's reports about the atrocities, they compared the incident to Nazi reprisals against a Czech town for the assassination of General Reinhard Heydrich in 1942, calling the village "The New Lidice." If you have any information about Zavadka Morokhivska; including literature, documents, records, photographs of villagers who lived there (or in the neighboring villages of Mokre, Morokhiv or Wysochany) and/or contact information for individuals with knowledge about the village, please email our research team at

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  1. The communist Poles were planning the deportation of the Ukrainian Lemkos from their lands well before the UPA ever got there. This was just an excuse regarding the reason of massacre because they were harboring UPA army members.The planning for the deportations from 1943 already and some of the Lemkos started leaving in 1944.
    The UPA was trying to help stop the deportations. There are even some false articles that say that it was the Poles who were massacred in this village and no Ukrainians!.